Hello !

My name is Clément, I have always been keen and even fascinated by photography.Indeed,it enables to capture instants, to freeze them not only in one’s mind and to share them. Photography has the power to speak without saying words.

My personal approach is one of a report.To focus on ” quick ” shots,on the emotions I experience or the ones which come from the scene i am capturing. Photographers observe what is around and their task is to find the perfect balance between the light, the subject and the environment.This is what inspires me. I try to work out each picture.I am keen on the details and exacting on the centring.I am always concerned in respecting each person’storytelling.I know how tactfully gather precious moments without altering my subjects ‘ personalities. Beyond my passion for photography, I really enjoy the human adventure I am part of.I am the privileged witness of deeply intimate and moving moments that each wedding provides.With humility, I try to tell a story and freeze a unique moment.